A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

About the Game

Neverending Woods is a 2D platformer adventure game developed by game students at the IT University of Copenhagen during the fall semester of 2014 for the Game Design course. The game is provided here as submitted for final examination. An early prototype has been provided in addition.


Ruby finds herself lost in the woods after running away from her parents. Climbing trees and using logs as bridges, helps her find a way through the difficult environment of the forest. In the deep woods, Ruby stumbles upon a small creature, named Fella, and decides to take him with her.


Nina Folkersen
Steffen Mortensen
Patrikk Sørensen
Lise Ivanouw
Simon Stålhandske


NeverendingWoods_Win.zip 163 MB
NeverendingWoods_OSX.zip 163 MB
EarlyPrototype_Web.zip 537 kB